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Assembling Plans for a Building Permit
Assembling Plans
When applying for a building permit, it is always helpful to have your plans properly-assembled before submitting for the permit. Instructions on how your plans should be assembled:
  1. We require two sets of plans. Make sure you have both sets.
  2. If your plans are less than three pages per set, they need to be folded together with all attachments stapled on the left-hand side.
  3. If your plans are more than three pages per set, they need to be rolled together with the print facing outward. All attachments must be attached with clips to the left-hand side.
  4. Construction Site Management Plan on top left, Survey and FEMA packet bottom left, Applications top right.
  5. Your Permanent Site Drainage and Construction Site Management Plans should be fairly visible and easy to turn to.
  6. Only one copy of the permit application, water meter sizing chart, Driveway Permit Application and Notice of Commencement is required.
  7. See Sample - How to Assemble Plans Correctly, under Building Permit Forms.

More Information
For more information on plan assembly, contact 239-213-5020.