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Lake Aerators and Floating Islands
Naples Bay is considered impaired for copper by both the federal and state governments, and the Natural Resources Division has worked hard to eliminate this deadly metal's introduction into the bay through the city’s stormwater system.  Copper sulfate is a commonly used poison that kills algae in stormwater retention ponds (lakes).  This chemical dissolves in stormwater and then flows downhill from the ponds into Naples Bay.  Once in the bay, copper kills aquatic life.  A very small amount is capable of causing harmful effects. 

To combat this problem, the Division mailed brochures to all residents in the City living on lakes that described a new policy whereby if all of the residents along the shoreline of a lake will agree not to add copper sulfate to their lake, the City will place floating islands and aerators in the water.  One group of residents recently took advantage of this program.  The lake between 16th and 17th Avenues South was covered with a thick mat of algae.  The City placed floating islands and aerators in it, and within a few short weeks, the lake completely cleared of algae.

Another success occurred at North Lake on 7th Avenue North.  A few years ago, algae covered the entire surface of the lake.  With the addition of floaitng islands and aeratores, the algae disappeared.  

                                                        Residential lake BEFORE floating islands and aerators

Lake 22 before

                                                                Residential lake AFTER floating islands and aerators
Lake 22 after

This short video in the link below explains the mechanics of Stormwater Ponds and how Beemats floating islands are beneficial for the care and maintenance of the ponds.

Beemats Video