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Flood Programs
National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) & the Community Rating System (CRS)
Since 1968 the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has administered the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) which offers federally backed insurance money to communities that agree to adopt and enforce minimum standards for floodplain management to reduce future flood damage. In 1991, the NFIP implemented the Community Rating System (CRS) for encouraging and recognizing community floodplain management activities that “exceed” these minimum NFIP standards. Today more than 900 communities across the nation participate in the CRS, including the City of Naples. The City of Naples joined the CRS in the Fall of 1992.

As an incentive and reward for participation, the flood insurance rates of building owners (residential and commercial) may be reduced up to 45% to reflect the reduced flood risk resulting from activities that meet CRS’s three goals: reducing flood losses, facilitating accurate insurance ratings, and promoting awareness of flood insurance.

Communities can earn points in different creditable activity areas. Based on the number of points earned, each CRS community is ranked in one of ten classes (with Class 1 requiring the most points). In turn, a community’s class rating determines the amount of flood premium reduction its building owners are eligible to receive. Communities are encouraged to improve their class ratings. A new manual is being developed for 2012 that will put more emphasis on community outreach, promoting flood insurance and open space regulations. Property owners with buildings located within a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA), an area subject to the one percent chance of flooding during any one year, may qualify for a discount anywhere between 5% and 45% depending on the class rating of your community. Property owners with buildings located outside the SFHA can qualify for a standard discount of 5% off their preferred risk premium.

 The City of Naples currently has a Class 5 rating, which can afford residents up to a 25% discount off the standard rack rate of their flood insurance policy.

Local Mitigation Strategy
Collier County’s Local Mitigation Strategy Working Group (LMSWG) is a component of Collier County’s Citizen Corps. The LMSWG meetings are open to the public for either full-time membership or casual participation.

The purpose of the group is to examine the hazards that confront people and property of Collier County, including the City of Naples and Marco Island, and explore the means to reduce the vulnerability to each hazard. Essentially, the group prioritizes a project “wish-list” that achieves goals contained within the county’s Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS). Then, when monies become available, typically through a federal grant opportunity resulting from a disaster, the LMSWG submits a prioritized listing that goes with each grant application attesting to the fact that the project supports the community’s hazard mitigation priorities.

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