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Recycle Program
Solid Waste Recycling Program

The City provides once-a-week curbside recycling service to both single- and multi-family dwellings. Single-family residents are provided a blue 65-gallon recycling cart which needs to be placed at the curb with the lid opening towards the road by 7:00 am on the day of collection. Recycling carts should not be placed at the curb earlier than the evening before collection, and emptied carts must be retrieved from the curb the same day they are collected. 

Acceptable Recyclable Materials:


Soda bottles, beer bottles, liquor and wine bottles, jelly, spaghetti sauce jars, mayo jars, any other clear, brown, or green glass bottles and jars


Soda and beer cans, aluminum pie pans


Food cans including soup, fruit, vegetable, juice ,pet food and tuna cans


Plastic containers marked No. 1-7—including water bottles, milk jugs, detergent & bleach bottles, soda bottles, shampoo bottles, butter or spread tubs—Make sure they are rinsed & free of debris !


Newspaper, magazines, paper back & hard cover books, brown—white—colored paper bags, phone books, junk mail, catalogs, office and computer paper, corrugated cardboard (moving boxes), cardboard (cereal, cracker, pasta boxes and shoe or gift boxes), pizza boxes 

Please flatten all boxes!

All containers must be rinsed clean!! 


Unacceptable Recyclable Materials:


Medicine bottles, dishes, drinking glasses, windows, mirrors, cookware (Pyrex, Corning)


Pots and pans, cooking utensils, screen doors & windows, lawn furniture, house siding, used foil


Tools, car parts, license plates, appliances,

cook ware or bake ware


Plastic bags or wrappers, pool chemical bottles, motor oil and antifreeze containers, household chemical containers, flower pots, news paper sleeves, garden hose, toys, styro-foam of any kind (egg cartons, packing peanuts, take-out food containers and meat trays)


No paper products with wax coating (milk, juice or ice cream cartons), used paper coffee or beverage cups, paper towels, toilet paper and napkins


Unacceptable items will be left in carts!


Plastic Bags?

Your used plastic shopping bags can be returned to Publix Supermarket or you may contact area thrift stores to see if they could use them.


Packing Peanuts?

Check with your local Pack-n-Ship Stores and see if they will accept clean used packing material; or save for your own use when you need to mail something fragile.

Need a Recycling Cart?

If you need a recycling cart or your cart has been damaged, you can call the Solid Waste Division at (239) 213-4700. 

Why Buy Recycled?

Buying recycled materials is necessary to complete the recycling “loop.” The loop consists of using, recycling and then re-using and item. This is symbolized by the recycling logo’s arrows circling to close the loop.

What to Look For and What to Do

Look for the recycling logo on items you purchase that say the item is made with recycled content, or uses post-consumer materials. Also make sure that the item is recyclable or reusable. After you have used the item, recycle it!


Interesting Facts:

  • Americans throw away enough aluminum every three months to rebuild our entire commercial air fleet.
  • You can make 20 cans out of recycled material with the same amount of energy it takes to make one new one from raw materials.
  • Americans discard enough glass bottles and jars to fill up a large stadium every two weeks.
  • During this decade, it is estimated that Americans will throw away over 1 million tons of aluminum cans; more than 11 million tons of glass bottles and jars; 4.5 million tons off office paper and 10 million tons of newspaper… all of which can be recycled.
  • Each resident within the City of Naples generates 9.13 pounds of garbage a day, which is almost double the national average.