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Lowdermilk Park

About Lowdermilk Park
Lowdermilk Park is one of Naples' premier beachfront parks. Our park has plenty of metered and unmetered parking spaces, a concession stand, sand volleyball courts, two children's playgrounds, picnic tables, benches, restroom and shower facilities, and two gazebos for rent.


Parking at Lowdermilk Park
Parking for beach access in the City of Naples requires the resident or visitor to have a beach parking permit, feed the parking meters, or pay-by-space. This is enforced year round.

Beach Parking Permits
  • City residents:  beach permit may be obtained from City Hall
  • Collier County residents: beach permits may be obtained from any Collier County Park or Library
  • Visitor beach permits may be purchased from City Hall's Finance Department for $50 and they are valid for one year

Parking Meters
  • Cost is $1.25 minimum for first 1/2 hour - and then $0.25/6 minutes after that. 
  • $2.50/hour
  • Quarters only

  • Lowdermilk Park and the Naples Pier are the only lots that offer the pay-by-space option
  • $0.25/6 minutes
  • $2.50/hour
  • Cash accepted: Quarters Only
  • Credit/Debit Card: Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, or American Express.

Gazebo Rentals

There are two gazebos to choose from. To rent a gazebo please visit us at 280 Riverside Circle during regular business hours, Monday through Friday 8:00am-5:00pm.   We do not accept reservations by phone or through email.
  • North gazebo is located by the volleyball courts and has two picnic tables inside which are not removable.  
  • South gazebo is located by the entrance.   
  • Parking is not included in the rentals.
  • Park hours are from dawn to dusk.
  • Rentals are for groups of less than 50.
  • Facilities reservation forms can be found on our Forms Page.

Fee Schedule
Payment can be made by check and payable to "City of Naples" and must be made at time of reservation. All fees will be taxed except for tax exempt groups (must show tax exempt form).
  • Collier County Residents = $30/hour - plus tax 
  • Non-Collier County Residents = $160/hour - plus tax    
  • Non-profit Collier County Residents = $20/hour
  • Non-profit Non-Collier County Residents = $80/hour
  • Park Rental for Large Events
    • Charitable/Civic/Non-profit/Government = $800/day
    • Private/Profit/Commercial/Independent = $1200/day - plus tax
  • Damage Deposit (refundable) = $50
  • Two separate checks are required for the fee and deposit

Concession Stand
The Lowdermilk Park concession stand is located beach side in the middle of the park. It is managed by Rita's Italian Ice. Service includes: hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage, sandwiches, salads, coffee, sodas, etc. Beach wheel chairs are also available to check out at the concession stand.

Park and Gazebo Rental Rules and Regulations
  • A reserved sign will be provided for posting at site; Posting of any other signs is prohibited.
  • Alcohol/glass/gambling/vehicles on turf areas is prohibited on all City property.
  • The beach is a public access area and you cannot block or impeded public access in any way.
  • Use of nails, staples, etc., on trees and roping off the area is prohibited.
  • Parking is prohibited in areas other than designated parking spaces.
  • Guest parking and guest behavior is the responsibility of the event organizer.
  • Areas used must be cleaned and trash deposited in dumpsters or risk loss of security deposit/additional charges.
  • Any damage/loss must be replaced and/or repaired or will result in extra charges.
  • This application is for the date(s) and time(s) listed above and cannot be transferred or changed without park approval.
  • Picnic tables must not be removed.
  • Open fires, including tiki torches and grills are prohibited.
  • Amplified music, tents, large attendance, etc. require a Special Event Permit through the Community Services Department at 239-213-7120 and must be requested 60 days in advance. Additional fees apply.

Handicapped Access

The City of Naples provides handicap beach access at a number of beach ends, the City Pier and at Lowdermilk Park. Lowdermilk Park also has beach wheelchairs available.
  • 17th Avenue South
  • 4th Avenue South
  • 6th Avenue North
  • 8th Avenue South
  • Horizon Way
  • Lowdermilk Park
  • Naples Pier
  • Vedado Way
  • Via Miramar

Beach Showers

There are shower facilities at the following parks and beach ends:
  • Naples Pier
  • Lowdermilk Park
  • Vedado Way
  • Via Miramar
  • Horizon Way
  • 2nd Avenue South
  • 3rd Avenue South
  • 5th Avenue South
  • 7th Avenue South
  • 8th Avenue South
  • 10th Avenue South
  • 15th Avenue South
  • 18th Avenue South
  • 21st Avenue South
  • 33rd Avenue South
  • 2nd Avenue North
  • 6th Avenue North
  • 7th Avenue North

Naples Pier and Lowdermilk Park have full rest room facilities and snack concessions.


Lowdermilk Park
1301 Gulfshore Blvd North
Naples, FL 34102

Park Hours
Open Dawn to Dusk

Concession Hours
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
(Hours may vary due to weather)

Phone: 239-213-3029

Gazebo Rentals
Community Services Department
Phone: 239-213-7120