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Moorings Bay Special Taxing District

City_Logo_Color1.png  Moorings Bay
Special Taxing District

The mission of the Taxing District is to accomplish dredging and canal maintenance as established by referendum. 

The Moorings Bay Special Taxing District was established 1987 following annexation of the area into the City. The Taxing District's Advisory Committee was created by City Council in 1988 as an "ad hoc" organization and established a 0.5 mil ad valorem tax levy to provide funding for maintenance dredging in the canals and waterways (including Doctors Pass), maintenance of aids to navigation, inspection of seawalls, and surveillance of surface water pollution. 

Doctors Pass is dredged on a three-year cycle, and while the costs of dredging Doctors Pass are currently reimbursed by County tourist development funds, the remainder of the bay system is still maintained by the taxing district. The district maintains aids to navigation and monitors the water quality of the bay. 

The administration of the district is handled by the Natural Resources Division.

 Registered Office Address
 735 Eighth Street, South. Naples, FL 34102
 (239) 213-1000
 (239) 213-1010
 Active or Inactive
 Local Governing Authority
 City of Naples
 Environmental Protection / Management, Inland Navigation and Waterways
 Creation Documents
 City Ordinance 87-5328
 Date Created/Established
 August 5, 1987
 Statutory Authority
 Section 189.02, Florida Statutes
 Governing Body
 Local Governing Authority Appoints
 Authority to Issue Bonds
 Revenue Source
 Ad Valorem
 Most Recent Update Form Filed
 October 9, 2014

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