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Stormwater Beach Outfall Project

There have been long-standing concerns from the State’s regulatory agencies, City officials and staff, environmental groups, property owners, residents and visitors that the beach outfalls adversely impact beach erosion, lateral beach access, sea turtle nesting habitat, water quality and beach aesthetics. In addition, the City has experienced significant flooding of Gulf Shore Boulevard during high frequency rainfall events.

Naples Beach Hotel Northern outfall

In 2012, the City adopted Resolution No 12-13028 and amended their stormwater master plan to require the removal of the City’s stormwater beach outfalls. These actions were taken to satisfy the FDEP JCP Condition (Permit No. 0222355-001-JC) for beach nourishment projects.

This technical analysis and design development (30%) report was prepared in accordance with the City Council’s request to determine the feasibility and preliminary design (30%) for consolidation of the nine publicly owned outfalls with a stormwater pump station(s) in a location that would receive all or a portion of the stormwater currently discharging along Naples Beach within Drainage Basin II; and discharge the collected and treated stormwater through an offshore gulf discharge pipeline(s). The City of Naples Beach Restoration and Water Quality Improvement Project (the “Project”) Phase I services include all planning, analysis and design (30%) including evaluating consolidation, treatment, pump station siting and offshore diffuser system discharge requirements.

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